December 5, 2023

5 New Ways to Lead in 2013

Knowing your Core Values – your true, unchanging, innate nature is one of the most valuable and productive ways to increase your leadership effectiveness.  My friend, mentor and teacher, Bea Fields, was generous to include some of my philosophy in her blog, (thanks!) which shows you Five New Ways to Lead — click here.  Below are some other thoughts I had in response to what she wrote.

Zappos clearly has spent considerable time creating its Core Values Frog and 10 key principles you can expect from the company/brand.

Whole Foods dedicates a web page to its seven principles that “are the underpinning” of its company culture.

Guiding principles are at the heart of every successful company.  They inspire.  They invite us to rise up.

So how is it possible that “The majority of American adults say they are not able to use their strengths to do what they do best throughout the day?,” according to a Gallup poll?

Lynn Ellsworth Taylor is a sought-after business turnaround expert and inventor of the Core Values Index™, a key to extraordinary business success.  In one of his many books, he writes, “If I don’t know who I am at the innate unchanging level, I cannot fully comprehend how I operate, how I think, what motivates me, what kind of work causes me to be fully engaged, why my highest and best contribution must be. Self knowledge is the cornerstone on which leadership, top performance, and high contribution are built.”

As a representative and facilitator of the Core Values Index, I am privileged to see the positive impact on employers, employees, engagement, performance and profits more and more each day.  Since my early days in public affairs with Exxon, puzzled about corporate culture, and devouring the book by Terrance Deal and Allan Kennedy, I have wondered how we can create companies — and the people in them — that thrive.  Here is an invitation to learn how you and your company can really have the right person in the right seat.  Try the assessment.











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When Do You Consider Your Marketing a Success?

Have you ever been so close to your campaigns, messages and promotion that you missed the mark?  Leave a comment about who you ask to review your marketing, advertising or promotions when you’re a solopreneur or small business without a p.r. or ad agency.  Enjoy the video!

White Glove Service on Black Friday: Upscale Goes Mainstream

Wondering what the big retailers do every  year to up their marketing game?  This short Wall Street Journal video reveals how mall operators looked at the high-end retailers and are now borrowing some of their best practices to attract the crowds.  Reports are that about 47% of Black Friday shopping is now done online.  Where is your competition coming from and what are some other industries you can explore to brainstorm new ways to market you and your clients’ services?

View the video here.

Testimonials for the Real Life Magic Book

This is a collection of testimonials from my book Real Life Magic: A Little Book of Miracles

NewActTesti from Penni Wild on Vimeo.

Small Business Workin’ It!

Did you ever call a business just because they looked like they were doing something right?

I did this morning…and they matched their web presence…what a beautiful moment.

Looking for a new company to service my central vacuum system, of course, I went to Google.  Now, why didn’t I go to the folks I usually go to?  Rude receptionist…third degree…voicemail…you know the routine.

I call the company above.  The owner ANSWERS the phone.  He sounds totally inviting.  Now, unfortunately, he’s not in my area (I could have done a bit more thorough research…but then I wouldn’t have talked with him).

So, while I’m not going to do business with him, I compliment him on his site and suggest he adds a blog.  He tells me it’s at the bottom of the page — I suggest he adds it above the fold.  He says he’ll tell his webmistress (wife).  Family business!  And I could hear his appreciation for her in his voice.  Sweet!

I joke, you should give her a raise.  He laughs.  How many small business owners today are paying more to their employees than they take home? It’s a weird moment the first time that happens, then, as small business owners, we suck it up and keep plugging away.

So, hats off to every entrepreneur today — and to every entrepreneurial thinker out there wherever you are. 

Keep workin’ it!

Success Wisdom from Jim Rohn

In memory of Jim Rohn, who passed away on December 5.    A man of deep wisdom and uncommon sense, his website includes this passage:  

“We know Mr. Rohn is looking down on us at this very moment with a smile saying I did it, I gave it my all, I went for it, now it’s your turn. Go for it. Make your life a life worth living well!”

That’s the only thing there is to do as you make the most of your time as a political appointee, and as a person here to make a difference no matter your position, title or station in life.

To your leadership!

E-mail Your No Bribe Success Stories!

I’ve had it.  Today, another story about another government employee accused of taking a bribe.  This one, Richard Lopez Razo, U.S. State Department employee. 

Let this be the official collection site for your stories — of how you’ve simply served constituents, how your commitment to serve has won out over nefarious offers where you could have sold out.

I’ve talked with too many good people…people who are committed to serving their nation, their state, their president, their governor — the unsung heroes of government.  The people who just want to do a good job everyday. 

So, whether you’ve been solicited, offered special goodies or not — just send in your hard-work stories of success.  Let’s brag about the good stuff…write your own good headline.

Keep on keepin’ on!

Thank You to All Who Volunteer

Today, President Obama and former President George H.W. Bush gathered to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the  Points of Light — an initiative created to inspire volunteerism nationwide and honor organizations and people already engaged in service.    Click on the link to see one of many news articles on the Points of Light event. 

Soon after Peggy Noonan penned the phrase in a speech by former President Bush, a few committed individuals worked to bring the vision to life.   I’m proud to have served on that team, to meet people around the nation making a difference and thank all who were involved for the opportunity to shape something that continues to contribute and create — and honor those on the front lines of service across this great nation.

Volunteerism takes many forms:  formal, informal or simply paying attention to those in your life to make them comfortable and being involved, present and engaged.  Thank you.

Here’s to you…standing in the greatness of what’s possible!

A Healthy Appointee is a Happy Appointee!

I know…we’ve all heard it before. Maybe today’s the day to begin to eat your way to a healthier you while you’re in the midst of changing the world. Two minutes, take a listen here:

Eat Healthier

And, here’s the full article — a quick read!,9171,1925998,00.html

Add New Fuel to Your Leadership Fire

Looking for some quick inspiration to keep you going today?  You’re not alone.  Don’t let the system getchya down!  Below is an excerpt.  For the full article, click here.

Honoring You, Your Leadership & Your Service to Others,


The 10 Paradoxical Commandments of Government by Ken Miller (Governing Magazine)

As the great change agent Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Grab the wheel.

With that in mind, I give you the Paradoxical Commandments of Government. These are the reasons why changing your agency is so hard — and why you should do it anyway. Of course, commandments, like hotdogs, only come in packages of 10 (even though buns come in packages of 12), so I had to whittle down the list. I left out some of the pithier ones, such as, “The councilman’s cousin is going to get the job; try hard anyway,” and “No one will read the report you are working on; write it well anyway.” I have also by no means exhausted all the possibilities. In fact, I’d love to hear more commandments from you, my fellow change agents.

The Paradoxical Commandments of Government

1. The reward for doing good work is more work. Do good work anyway.

2. All the money you save being more efficient will get cut from your budget now and forever. Find efficiencies anyway.

3. All the bold reforms you make will be undone by the next administration. Make bold reforms anyway.

4. There is no time to think about improving what we do. Make time anyway.

5. Employees may fight the change every step of the way. Involve them anyway.

6. The future is unpredictable and largely out of your hands. Plan anyway.

7. The press only cares when something goes wrong. Share your success stories anyway.

8. Legal will never let you do it. Simplify it anyway.

9. If you develop your people they will move on to better jobs. Train them anyway.

10. Your ideas will at best make someone else look good and at worst get you ostracized by your co-workers. Share your ideas anyway.

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