September 28, 2023

Thank You to All Who Volunteer

Today, President Obama and former President George H.W. Bush gathered to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the  Points of Light — an initiative created to inspire volunteerism nationwide and honor organizations and people already engaged in service.    Click on the link to see one of many news articles on the Points of Light event. 

Soon after Peggy Noonan penned the phrase in a speech by former President Bush, a few committed individuals worked to bring the vision to life.   I’m proud to have served on that team, to meet people around the nation making a difference and thank all who were involved for the opportunity to shape something that continues to contribute and create — and honor those on the front lines of service across this great nation.

Volunteerism takes many forms:  formal, informal or simply paying attention to those in your life to make them comfortable and being involved, present and engaged.  Thank you.

Here’s to you…standing in the greatness of what’s possible!

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